NHS Python Community Board

23rd November 2021 Meeting Summary

Board Members


  • Alex Cheung - NHSE/I (Chair)
  • Dr Mark A. Bailey - Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
  • Haris Shuaib MPhys MSc MIPEM MFCI - Guy’s & St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
  • Juan Adriano - Surrey and Borders Partnership NHSFoundation Trust
  • John O’Connell - NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit
  • Sophie Williams, PhD -Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Craig R. Shenton, PhD - NHSX
  • Mary Amanuel - NHSX
  • Arouba Zubair - NHSX
  • Jonathan Pearson, PhD - NHSX

Agenda Items

  1. Welcome and Check-in
The Chair welcomed attendees to the board.
  1. Feedback on recent NHS.Pycom Community Event
The responses from the recent Engagement survey were discussed. 
Responses illustrated that the event was very useful and overall, 
the feedback was positive.
Excellent ratings for the presenters and event were received, and respondents 
mentioned that they would like to see project case studies in the future too. 
In terms of future events, the aim is to have one event every quarter. 
Technical shows and talks will also be introduced in the near future.  
There was also a discussion around specific topic perspectives related 
to the NHS that can be shown to provide use cases of python. Illustrating 
a ‘before and after’ view of different projects would be insightful. 

  1. Next Event, Show & Tell, and NHS-R Podcast
A code demo was discussed as a topic for the Show and tell. Sharing code 
is beneficial and informative. 

Show and tells allow us to understand what projects people are currently 
working on and where to find more information about their projects.

The frequency of the event was discussed. A Monthly show and tell was 
decided upon as there is a high demand at present - lots of members 
want to share the work they’ve been working on. 

The NHS-R Community has invited members from the NHS Python Community to 
join them in an informal interview for their next Podcast. Members will 
explain what the Python community is and what our future aims are. 
More details to follow in January. 

  1. Slack: IT Channel and New Champions
A new Slack channel was proposed. The aim would be to benefit members by 
providing them with a space where they can communicate and solve any 
installation and IT errors.
However, it was decided that a  community discussion event would be a 
preferable way of discussing the issue around IT. 

Slack Champions for the following month were also established. 

  1. AOB
The board closed with the following ideas that are still in discussion:

- Establishing a date for the First Show and Tell

- Volunteers for the NHS-R Podcast

- Executive Team Induction

Next board meeting date: 28th January 2022