NHS Python Community Board

12th October 2021 Meeting Summary

Board Members


  • Alex Cheung - NHSE/I (Chair)
  • Dr Mark A. Bailey - Gloucestershire Royal Hospital
  • Juan Adriano - Surrey and Borders Partnership NHSFoundation Trust
  • John O’Connell - NHS South, Central and West Commissioning Support Unit
  • Sophie Williams, PhD -Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Craig R. Shenton, PhD - NHSX
  • Mary Amanuel - NHSX
  • Arouba Zubair - NHSX
  • Jonathan Pearson, PhD - NHSX


  • Haris Shuaib MPhys MSc MIPEM MFCI - Guy’s & St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust

Agenda Items

  1. Welcome and Check-in
The Chair welcomed attendees to the board.
  1. Preparation for the first Community Event
There was an open discussion on what the first python community event will look like. 

The following areas were discussed:

- An hour-long duration.

- Presentations on how python is currently being applied in the NHS.

- Identifying advertising strategies prior to the event.

It was decided that the first event will take place on the 16th of November 2021.
  1. Volunteer Job Roles
A need for particular roles was identified by the board to support the community. 
The following volunteer roles were discussed:

- Community Manager

- Content Manager

- Events Manager

- Web Developer

These roles are not particularly intended for individuals who are experts in these fields 
already. The roles are for individuals who are enthusiastic, interested, and want to 
learn more about the role itself. 
These roles will be presented at the python community event and play a part in 
building an alumni network in the future.

  1. Back2School Campaign (AnalystX)
The team at AnalystX is currently working with members to develop a list of job roles 
and understand which skillsets are needed in order to qualify for that career pathway.
AnalystX contains lots of materials and resources that individuals can use to develop their data skills. 
The Back2School campaign aims to inspire members to learn something new and develop a skill. 

There are three frameworks that support this:

- Online learning opportunities - in partnership with companies such as AWS / Google / Microsoft.

- User stories and journeys.

- Personal development opportunities and getting involved.

Board slack champions for the following month were also established.

  1. AOB
The board closed with the following ideas that are still in discussion:

- Volunteer Job Roles specifications

- Competency badges issued by AnalystX

- Ideal ways of working within the community

- Increasing Slack engagement and managing notifications

Identifying the best way/practice for sharing and using open source codes was discussed:

The best approach is to fork the initial code in GitHub so that the 
intellectual property stays with the individual who originally created the code.  

Next board meeting date: 23 November 2021