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Python Poetry

The creative link between Python and Poetry

NHS Python Community at the ConfedExpo

Promoting the use of open-source software in NHS

Just a minute! pre-commit

Pre-commit is a package which works like spell-correct on your code

NHS Python Community YouTube channel

Let’s jump right into it! The NHS Python Community now has its own YouTube channel

Hutsons Hacks Python Resources

Hacks, tips & tricks in R, Python and beyond...

Developing Python Programming Skills Within the NHS

Data and AI Apprenticeships with Cambridge-Spark

NHS Python Community recognised in the Goldacre Review

Better, broader, safer. A practical vision for using health data for research and analysis.

NHS-R podcast - The NHS Python Community

Listen to the NHS Python Community team on the NHS-R podcast!

England Prescribing Data (EPD) analysis using python

Exploration of seasonal allergic rhinitis (hayfever) prescribing data using python.

Open-Source Health Statistics

We are collecting statistics on open-source NHS and healthcare related code repositories

Open Analytics Template

How we built an open analytics template for healthcare

Markdown in Action

See what the different elements looks like. Your markdown has never looked better. I promise.